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Terms of Sale

In respect to items purchased from us over the internet, our Terms of Sale are as follows:

1) We are professional booksellers and adhere to the standards of our professional associations, both in terms of describing books and offering redress in case of a discrepancy.

2) The prices of all material offered for sale on our web site, or on the databases to which we subscribe, are net in US dollars, and each item is subject to prior sale. Normally payment in full must be received before an item will be shipped. If sending a cheque, money order, or purchase order, it is advisable to contact us first to request that the book be reserved for you pending receipt of payment.

3) Payment to Black’s Fine Books and Manuscripts may be made by cheque drawn on a US or Canadian bank; bank draft; credit card (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, or Diner’s Club); or by PayPal (our PayPal ID is our email address: mail@blacksbooks.ca).

Please note that we reserve the right to delay shipment of any book paid for by cheque, until the cheque has cleared the payer’s bank account. If paying by money order, please make sure that you purchase a form of money order which may be cashed in Canada (i.e., an international money order).

4) Payment with order, please. We do not send any item out on approval unless prior arrangements have been made. Legitimate book dealers, with whom we have established a reciprocal arrangement, and any member of the ABAC, ABAA, ABA, or an ILAB-affiliated national organization, may apply for a trade discount on any proposed purchase. Canadian purchasers will be charged GST. Known academic institutions, or libraries, may be billed upon receipt of a purchase order.

5) Any item purchased from Black’s Fine Books and Manuscripts is returnable (postpaid) to us within seven days of receipt, if it is found to be substantially different than as described. However, we guarantee any item we sell to be authentic as to provenance, or state of issue (i.e. if we claim a book is a first edition, we guarantee it to be such). If our description of a book in regard to provenance or state of issue is in error, it may be returned to us (with prior notice, please) for refund within one year of purchase.

We do offer a layaway arrangement on more expensive items: generally where the purchase price exceeds $1,000. Typically, the purchaser should offer to us a down payment and propose acceptable terms of payment. We do not charge interest on payments made according to such an agreement. The item being purchased will be shipped upon receipt of payment in full. If payment is not made in accordance with the terms of the layaway arrangement, then the deposit and any payments will only be refunded after we have re-sold the item in question, and deducted our re-selling costs (if any).

We can provide digital photographs or scans, sent as .jpeg attachments, of any item in stock. In making such a request, please be as specific as possible as to the views you would like to receive. Please bear in mind that it is not practical for us to provide photos to people doing research, or seeking to compile a library of digital images, and that we are less inclined to send photos of an inexpensive book (due to the time and effort it requires), in the absence of a demonstrable need or reason on the part of the would-be purchaser.

Please send any further questions by email to: mail@blacksbooks.ca

Privacy Policy

Black’s Fine Books and Manuscripts respects the privacy of its customers and the security of any personal information which may be provided to us in the course of any transaction. We are also aware of the legal requirements of the Personal Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Clearly, we do not solicit any more information from our customers than is required to meet their needs in the buying and selling of books. Some of this information is either physically, or electronically, shredded, as soon as it is no longer of use. Other information we retain to serve our customers’ interests, or meet their requests. For example, we do keep on file a customer’s email address, mailing information, and contact information (if provided).

We DON’T share this information with anyone. We consider such information to be privileged, and will delete it or, in the case of paper copies, destroy it, upon request from the individual concerned.

We DO try and advise customers of material we have in stock which is similar to, or complimentary to, an item being purchased. Occasionally, if the customer’s interests are very particular, and we acquire, at a future date, an item we hope will be of interest to that customer, we may send an email advising of the new acquisition.

We DON’T send unsolicited email. If a customer, or other contact, requests that we stop sending email, we honour such request. The only exception being postings to an internet newsgroup, or announcement list, where we have no direct control over either the membership of such list, or who receives our postings.

We DO save credit card information for a reasonable period of time after a sale, in case it is needed to process a refund, or an additional purchase. This information is not stored by us in any electronic format, but it is kept in a secure environment.

We DON’T keep credit card information on-line. If a customer orders a book directly from us, through our web site, and pays on-line by credit card, we print off that information, and then the credit card information is deleted. If the customer orders a book from us, through another web site (such as Abebooks or Biblio), we have no control over the retention and deletion of such information, but we do endeavour to retrieve such information as quickly as possible. After that, the responsibility for keeping that information secure rests with the database to which the customer initially entrusted the data, and which has control over it.

We DO believe in the individual’s right to privacy, and a company’s right to protect their customers’ rights to confidentiality.