The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories


Conley, Robert J.; Wilma P. Mankiller (Foreword)


Conley, Robert J.; Wilma P. Mankiller (Foreword). The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories. Norman and London: University Of Oklahoma Press, 1988. First Edition, First Printing. ISBN: 9780806121482. pp. xv, 165. 8vo. As new in fine dustjacket. Hardcover. ”Based on Cherokee history, oral storytelling, and personal experience, these stories, taken as a whole, reflect the depth of Cherokee historical experience and the range of contemporary Cherokee life. Several stories, including the one from which the collection takes its name, deal with the spiritual world. In the title story a man and his family are devastated by the evil powers of a tsigli, a witch. In other stories “medicine” is used to more constructive ends. Some of the stories feature human-animal transformations, the ability to become invisible, and the power to manipulate events. In the context of the Cherokee world such stories are not fantasies. They are stories about reality—the reality known to Cherokees. The collection also includes tales of Cherokee “outlaws,” one of the most intriguing aspects of Cherokee history to Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike. Set in the days of Indian Territory, before Oklahoma statehood, these stories provide a taste of the wild West, seasoned with Cherokee cultural experience.” (#2537) $35.00