My Silent Drum


Mercredi, Ovide

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Mercredi, Ovide . My Silent Drum. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Aboriginal Issues Press, University of Manitoba, 2015. First Edition, First Printing. ISBN: 9781928008040. pp. xi, 202. 8vo. Appears unread; as new. As New. Softcover. ”I wrote these words, in a style that is free, based on an idea that becomes a short story. It may nor be poetry as expressed from the perspective of Euro-Canadian literature, the words and thoughts are mine as one Indigenous voice drumming.silently. I try to convey a point of view that may not be readily available to Canadian contemporary expressions of our human experience. Nonetheless, this little book is like a silent drum that only the listener can hear, understand, and hopefully relate to the story.” (#2119) $33.00