Helgi Einarsson, A Manitoba fisherman


Einarsson, Helgi; George Houser (Trans.)

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Einarsson, Helgi; George Houser (Trans.). Helgi Einarsson, A Manitoba fisherman. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Queenston House, 1982. First Edition, First Printing. ISBN: 9780919866638. pp. ii, 147. 8vo. Illustrated card covers. Black and white map, photographs, illustrations. Appears unread; as new. “An edited and translated version of the diaries of an early Icelandic immigrant to Manitoba’s interlake area. Much about fishing, the fishing industry, Icelandic family and community life and the relations between whites and Indians/Mestis of the area. Einarsson’s common law wife was an Aboriginal woman from the area. His story reflects not only the racial stigma attached to Aboriginal peoples of the area but he also felt marginalized by the dominant English-speaking (particularly British) townsfolk of the region. In part a case study of early rural entrepreneurship in the fishing industry of Manitoba. Einarsson even issued his own form of money (scrip and tokens).” Hardcover. (#1444) $16.49