Displaced Person


Hastman, Helen Kish

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Hastman, Helen Kish. Displaced Person. Cupar, Saskatchewan: Privately Printed, 2015. First printing. ISBN: 9781927678176. pp. 375. 8vo. Illustrated card covers. Black and white maps, photographs, and illustrations. As new. At time of cataloguing not in Peel. “Through her child’s eyes and heart, Helen shares her early life in Austria just after the Second World War. After three years in a displaced persons camp, a long, tiring emigration journey brings her mother and her to a Canadian prairie farm [in Cupar, Saskatchewan] where chores shape life. Most Canadians are immigrants and can identify with some of her challenges. It offers a nostalgic, informative look into life at that time. It is a song of Canada.” As New. Softcover. (#1085) $45.00