Co-operation or Catastrophe: An Interpretation of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and its Policy


Irvine, William (1885-1962)

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Irvine, William (1885-1962). Co-operation or Catastrophe: An Interpretation of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and its Policy. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Labour Publishing Company, ND [Circa 1941?]. First Edition, First Printing. pp. 47. 12mo., measuring 11 x 18 cm. Light green stapld card covers. Sections include: “The Case Against Capitalism”, “How Capitalism Divides the National Income”, “The Apologia for Capitalism”, “The Case for the Commonwealth”, “Nationalization of the Means of Wealth Production”, “The Nationalization of Finance”, “Capitalism Versus Socialism”, amongst others. Scarce pamphlet which unequivocally criticizes the American-style capitalist economic, and social model in favour of a socialist one, very much in line with the early Cooperative Movement in Canada. “A meeting at which several radical MPs decided to found a national labour-farmer political party, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation party, was held in Irvine’s parliamentary office” [McNaught (2001), pp. 259–260.]. Irvine served as MP in the Canadian Parliament from 1921 until his defeat in 1949, and was a close confidant and friend of J. S. Woodsworth (himself a pioneer of the Canadian social democratic movement). Very faint tide-mark to the left margin of the front cover, otherwise the contents remain bright, clean, and unmarked with tight, sound stapled binding; near fine. Corresponds to OCLC #45891070 with only a handful of institutional holdings. Rare in commerce. Stapled Wraps. ”The Co-operative Commonwealth, as a special system to succeed Capitalism, should not be confused with the “Co-operative Commonwealth Federation”. The latter is an instrument for the purpose of working toward the objective of a Co-operative Commonwealth, and as such may or may not accept the views herein set forth. The writer is not authorized to outline the programme of that movement, but as a member of it, he states his own views with respect to the present economic situation as well as to the future of society, in the hope that, even if such views do not meet with universal acceptance on the past of the Federation, they will at least assist its leaders to clarify their own opinions on the issues discussed”. (#2083) $125.00