American Indian Tribal Governments


O’Brien, Sharon

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O’Brien, Sharon. American Indian Tribal Governments. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press | Red River Books, 1993. First edition. ISBN: 9780806125640. pp. xviii, 349. Royal 8vo. Illustrated card covers. Black and white maps, photographs, illustrations. No detectable laws. Appears unread; fine. “American Indian Tribal Governments illuminates issues of tribal sovereignty and shows how tribes are protecting and expanding their control of tribal membership, legal systems, child welfare, land and resource use, hunting and fishing, business regulation, education, and social services. Other examples show tribes negotiating with state and federal governments to alleviate sources of conflict, including issues of criminal and civil jurisdiction, taxation, hunting and fishing rights, and control of natural resources. Excerpts from historical and modem documents and speeches highlight the text, and more than one hundred photos, maps, and charts show tribal life, government, and interaction with white society as it was and is. Included as well are a glossary and a chronology of important events.” Softcover. (#871) $35.00