manitoba history

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  • Songs Upon the Rivers: The Buried...


    Foxcurran, Robert; Michel Bouchard; Sébastien Malette; Sam Pambrun (Foreword)

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  • Poésies Religieuses et Politiques


    Riel, Louis “David” (1844-1885)

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  • The Other Native: The-Les Métis...


    Lussier, Antoine S.; D. Bruce Sealey (Eds.), et al.

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  • Gorgeously Illustrated Poster Printed...


    Kulchytska, Olena L. (1877-1967); Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko [Тарас Шевченко] (1814-1861), et al.

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  • Whisper O’ the Wind: Sequel...


    Murray, Olive Trenouth (Compiled & Edited by); Jeanne Kibry (Cover Illust.); Marion Shaw White; Jocelyn Skelton; Lynn McKinnon Banks, et al.

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  • Yesterday’s Prairie Wind:...


    Murray, Olive (Ed.); [Gainsborough and District Historical Society]

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  • Fisher River Cree Nation English-Cree...


    Cochrane, Carol (Compiler); Janna Barkman (Compiler); Ida Bear (Trans.); Dorothy Ann Crate (Trans.); Gerry Mason (Photograhy); Jacqueline T. Romanow (Intro.), et al.

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  • 200 Years of History, 1818-2018;...


    [Archidiocèse de Saint-Boniface Archdiocese]; Edouard Banville; Pascale Dalcq; Mgr. Noël Delaquis; Albert Frechette; Lech Galezowski; Lillian Kennedy;Gilles Lesage; Claude de Moissac; Joseph Nnadi; Hubert Pantel; Sr. Jeannine Vermette; Denise Walleyn; Frantisek Zvardon (Photography)

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  • A Family Tradition; The MAGIC BAKING...


    [Standard Brands Limited]

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  • A Guide to Good Cooking [Exceedingly...


    Brodie, Jean; Lake of the Woods Milling Company, et al.

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  • Silver Anniversary Cook Book [Ukrainian...


    Tymko, Beatrice (Foreword); Mary Kuziminski; Sylvia Picklyk; Irene Stefanyshyn; Bea Tymko; Stella Uruski; [Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of St. Anne’s Parish]

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  • Forgeron de Dieu: Frère Antoine...


    Breton, Paul-Émile

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Showing 1–12 of 802 results